Here is my explanatory post.

And here are the recipes:
(I will keep adding to this list when I put new CC posts on the blog. “Basics” recipes go at the bottom.)

Trout & mushrooms on mash
Winter Vegetable Soup
Mince pies
Bread pudding
Auntie’s bananas
Easy veggie gumbo
Veggie Lasagne
Blackberry Upside-down Cake
Picasso Paella
Garlic Rice with Pepper and Mushroom

Toddler, Chocolatiere
Trappist Mushrooms
Chocolate and Blueberry Pancakes
Spicy Bean & Potato Cakes
Hot Syrupy Cherries
Bright Green Doodle Soup
Leek and Sweetcorn Noodle Soup
Sausage and Tomato Risotto
Tomato Pasta
Chocolate Pots
Chickpea Curry
Creamy Mushroom Pasta
Cauliflower Cheese
Onion Soup
Sweet and Spicy Tomato Soup
Boozy Rhubarb
Homemade Stilton-Burgers
Simple Garlic Pasta
Sticky Mushrooms
Pasta Sorta Carbonara
Spiced Sweet Potato Soup


White sauces
Sweet pastry