We dressed up and went to the woods at sunset, walked around in the gathering darkness (offering treats to dog-owners, and not being scared of the dogs at all) and then had a chocolate and cake Halloween picnic.

We talked about how at this liminal time* – on the boundaries between summer and winter, light and dark, warmth and cold, growth and rest – strange things can happen: reality can melt; stuff from other places can leak in; witches can ride; real ghosts who don’t just have a blanket on their head can make an appearance; and magic can transform the things we know and touch each day.

[* In fact I don’t think I said “liminal” to her – she might not have known what I meant – but it’s a cute word, right?]

It was actually quite spooky being in the woods as night was falling, and hoping we would be able to find our way out again before it got unreasonably dark.

Here is our Halloween video:

And here is Ariel’s Halloween drawing. You can just see faintly at the bottom where she decided to practise her new skill of “scissoring” the edges.
Halloween drawing


(Featuring the famous Pink Rabbit.)

Some more footage of my ickle Golden Zebra Danios (also featuring the Cherry Barbs) who are well settled in their new home. They seem very happy and healthy and confident. In this video, they even play with me!

(On the downside, they are a challenge to photograph because they move so fast! And they have encouraged my cherry barbs to whizz about too, so it isn’t easy to take good pictures of them any more either. Ho hum)

Inspired by this post of Erika’s, I’ve spent far too much time over the last two or three days making this video, the heart-warming story of a chick who couldn’t say hello, and the narrator who tried to help her.

Warning: contains seductive chick shots. No, really.

PS You might find this plays better direct from YouTube, especially with full screen. When I previewed it from WordPress it was a bit skippy 😦

I do have some actual posts to write, but for now I am taken up with videocraft. Yesterday, Ariel and I went to Crickley Hill, a few miles outside Gloucester (mostly in an upwards direction!) We saw some fabulous things.

Here is the first video, which is of a centipede and a bumble bee:

The second video also shows a bee, and some very unfriendly ants! It was amazing to watch, and the video is pretty cool, too. Nature, red in tooth and claw, or something:

Both videos are a bit joggy in a couple of places (eek, sorry) which I blame entirely on the fact that I had a small person climbing on my back looking for raisins, trying to grab the camera, complaining that her wellies were incompatible with sitting cross-legged on the ground, and generally having a good time.

(Be grateful that I replaced “please don’t press any buttons! don’t shake it!” and “we can have raisins in a little while, dear” and the like with Blondie. Blondie rules.)

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