(In honour of Ariel’s new favourite word: “bogey”.)

Take: 1 onion; 2 fat cloves of garlic; a small head of broccoli; 2 pinches dried coriander leaf (or a small handful, chopped up, if you’ve got it fresh); black pepper; Worcestershire sauce; half teaspoon Very Lazy green chilli*; 3 large handfuls (2 using adult-sized hands and 1 using toddler-sized hands) of spinach leaves; 125g (or so) of dried noodles.

[* I no longer bother chopping my own chillis. The Very Lazy stuff is really convenient, keeps longer and doesn’t result in chilli fingers – chilli fingers and toddlers do not mix.]

1. Peel and chop the onion and garlic, and cook gently over a lowish heat.
2. Cut the broccoli into smallish pieces and add it to the pan, together with enough water just to cover the broccoli.
3. Add all the other ingredients apart from the spinach and noodles. Stir. Then add the spinach.
4. As the spinach wilts, keep stirring it into the soup, until everything seems pretty well cooked and the broccoli is nice and soft. Then whizz it up to a nice thick soupy consistency. (Take care not to splash hot soup on your face like I did!)
5. Add the doodles, with a little extra water if necessary to thin the soup, and stir as much as need be to mix everything up together as the doodles cook.
6. Serve with a well-deserved glass of cava, and eat with a fork.

Makes about 4 helpings.


This soup really is very bright green, and there is no way to blend broccoli so that you don’t get loads of little floaty bits. If that is likely to offend your aesthetic sensibilities, then I suggest you try making something else. [grin]


There is nothing magical about the figure of 125g for noodles. I always use 125g of noodles whenever I cook noodles. This is because I buy noodles in 250g packs which contain two slabs of dried noodles: thus 125g, or any multiple thereof, is a very convenient amount; and any other quantity is very inconvenient!