Cunt artThis is the page for Vulva Liberation Week 2007: Sunday 18 November until Saturday 24 November 2007.

Here is a post linking to VLW2006.

Here are the 2007 posts:

  • This post contains the advance notices, so to speak, and hung about on my blog for a few weeks before VLW got started.
  • Just getting started introduces the week and its main themes of menstruation and vulva crafts.
  • Crochet vulva does what it says on the tin.
  • Bloodcatching is all about my jampot! (That is, my menstrual cup.)
  • Eating yoni shows you how to make yoni biscuits.
  • Bleeding over Africa is about the problems faced by menstruating women and girls in Africa, and why “free” disposable sanpro is not the answer.
  • My body, my self showcases a series of my yoni prints.
  • Keeping it whole discusses what can be done, and what if anything we can do, to stop female genital mutilation / cutting.
  • All gone is a little goodbye present, featuring the vagina dentata.

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