Seriously simple. Just make some shortbread (chocolate, in this case), cut out a nice shape, and decorate away!

The heart-shaped biscuits have a small extra ball of shortbread dough to represent the clitoris, together with a squiggle of green writing icing to represent the labia and some chocolate sprinkles (Ariel hogged the sprinkles so I didn’t have many left by the time I did these!) to suggest hairiness.

The pointy-oval-shaped biscuits are decorated along the same lines, except that I used a cherry for the clitoris and went wild with the green / black pubes… Oh, and if you’re wondering about the pointy oval shape (is there a proper word for this shape?), I made it by using a circular biscuit cutter – make a circle, then move the cutter over a bit and cut again.

Anyway. Mmmmmm. Yoni.