Take: 2 sticks of rhubarb; about 2 dsps of raisins that have been soaked in booze (try the ones that have been sitting in brandy ever since sometime in December when you were planning to use them for the Christmas cake – but I guess months of soaking probably aren’t necessary); a bit more booze, just for luck; 1-2 tsps sugar, or more for a sweet tooth; lashings of double cream.

1. Prepare the rhubarb by cutting off the ends, peeling away the outer skin and chopping what you’ve got left into chunks about 1 inch long.
2. Add all the ingredients apart from the cream into a saucepan, pouring in a little extra water – you don’t need to cover the rhubarb, but enough that the pan won’t boil dry!
3. Bring to the boil and simmer until the rhubarb is very soft. This should take 10-15 minutes.
4. Drain off as much of the cooking liquid as possible into a jug, cover with clingfilm, and set this aside with a vague plan to put it in the fridge and use it to make soup some time before it goes off.
5. Serve the rhubarb hot in bowls, drowned in lashings of cream.

Serves two.

One to enjoy when the baby has gone to bed, I think. In theory, the cooking should drive off the alochol*, but my little monster went mad for the raisins and I’m really not sure whether that was entirely good for her!

* Thought I would leave this typo in as evidence of my sobriety.