In honour of our womanly creative juices:

Stuff Maia made

Stuff to eat

Veggie haggis
Yoni biscuits 2007
Veggie Eyeball Halloween Pie
Blackberry upside-down cake
Yoni bites (biscuits)
Yoni dinners

See also: Cupboard Cuisine recipe list


Yoni prints
Toddler nursing

Fire light
Who’s looking at you?

“Autumn revival” Eostre collage

Safeguarding Liberty and Justice Since 1245
Summerhouse at the Temple of Sheela-na-Gig: Evening
Autumn Yoni collage
Fish sketch


Crochet haggis (with bagpipes)
Crochet mooncup
Stripey crochet hat
Crochet vulva
Pyjama bear
Slightly wonky penguin
Crochet pumpkin
Crochet ghost
Crochet spider
Crochet item #2 – flower
Crap orange snake

Other stuff

Unmissable Christmas tree
Christmas decorations 2007: star, and sun display
Conerama (pine cone Christmas/Yule decoration)
Carved pumpkin (Halloween 2007)
Zebra costume
Cardboard helicopter
“Chick Magnet” video
Vulva purse

Stuff Ariel made

Finger painting
Autumn leaves
Seaside picture
Mother’s Day Card, with cakes
Valentine’s Day card
Finger painting
Colours painting