I had lunch with a (male, single) friend today. He mentioned that it was Valentine’s Day. Yes, so I hear. We compared plans – which is to say, neither of us had any. I mentioned that I have a slightly cynical attitude to the whole sleazy commercialised hetfest. (Although I didn’t put it quite like that.) He was sceptical. Surely if you had a bloke, and he said that to you, there would be trouble. I shrugged. I’ve learned not to get into conversations that start “if you had a bloke”.

Ariel made me a card though, and some heart-shaped biscuits. It says Love From [Ariel] inside, she announced. Because I Love You. I love her too. And I don’t need this monstrosity of a “holiday” to remind me of that, or to remind me to tell her about it.

We live our love. We don’t need to buy it.