I have made haggis – although not the offal kind 😉

First up, a vegetarian haggis. I followed this Vegetarian Society recipe almost to the letter. Almost-ish. I was not especially exact with the quantities* and anyway I didn’t have everything so there were a few substitutions.**

[* Who weights out 4oz of onion, 2oz of carrot or 1.5oz of mushrooms? Surely anybody normal would just use 1 onion, 1 carrot and a few mushrooms?!]

[** I didn’t have any ground peanuts or hazelnuts so instead I used a good dollop each of peanut butter and hazelnut butter; nor did I exactly have “fine oatmeal”, I just used porridge oats… Ho hum.]

Considering that there was no offal in there at all, I was quite impressed as I was cooking it at how realistic it seemed. At the pre-oatmeal stage it looked and smelled revolting. At the post-oatmeal stage it began to take on a dubious aura of edibility. By the time it was on the plate I wanted seconds… Yes it turned out delicious 🙂

(Even though we didn’t have bashed neeps, or mashed swede to the uninitiated. Although we did have seriously bashed neeps yesterday, which is to say that we had neep soup. Today, however, Ariel was totally not going to eat that haggis thing not nohow I just want baked beans please mummy. So we had it with baked beans. She ate it all up. Although in fairness I had to bribe her with an offer of cake for pudding, at which point she made a counter offer to the effect that if I spoonfed her she would eat it and then have a big piece of cake with lots of icing fanks mummy… Ho hum.)

(I can report that it tastes nice cold as well.)

(These parenthetical wanderings are beginning to be reminiscent of Virginia Woolf.)

Oh, there was another haggis too. This one!

It is a bagpipe haggis, sporting the smallest operational bagpipes in the world. When I say operational, of course, I don’t mean that they actually work. But there is a squeaker inside so if you squish the bag you do get a sound that is at least as pleasant as the sound of piping outside your window first thing in the morning…

In case anyone was wondering, this haggis-o-mania has been brought about by the fact that I’ve been invited to a Burns night party later this month. I will certainly be taking the bagpipe haggis with me, and possibly also Mark 2 of the edible one. 🙂