[Image: Taken by me on Haresfield Beacon, June 2007]

I have been following the antics of Swedish women’s group Bara Bröst with interest ever since I first came across them in the news two or three months ago. They are a small but dedicated group of activists who are concerned to normalise the breast and eliminate discriminatory modesty policies. Their name means “just breasts” or “bare breasts”. Their manifesto? Anywhere that men can bare their chests without being evicted or sexualised, women should be able to do so as well. They stage bare-breasted protests in places like swimming pools. Hooray for them!

Now it seems that they have scored their first success. Staff at the municipal swimming pool in Sundsvall, northern Sweden, have decided that (at least if the other swimmers do not complain) they will not take action to evict topless women from their pool. Their spokesman Per-Erik Ulander said:“We’re used to naked people. Nobody cares.” What a great start for a Just Breasts campaign 🙂