unsubscribe from human rights abuse in the war on terror

Unsubscribe Me is an Amnesty-inspired campaign against the abuses of human rights and the escalating infringements of civil liberties that are taking place – not just in Guantanamo Bay (although, obviously, there too) but in the UK and all over the world – which are glibly justified by OUR GOVERNMENT as being a necessary part of the war on terror, an essential element in protecting US from terrorism.

No. Not in my name. If OUR GOVERNMENT wishes to erode my civil liberties and, worse, to commit or collude in serious human rights violations – including torture, for God’s sakes* – then there is really not much I can do about it. I am, as usual, helpless. But at least I can say this: it is not in my name.

unsubscribe from human rights abuse in the war on terror

(*There is a video on the Unsubscribe site which was made to demonstrate the euphemistically titled “stress position” technique, used routinely at Guantanamo Bay. I have not included it in this post because it is actually quite distressing. But go watch it if you are in any doubt about whether the “legitimate interrogation techniques” used by the US government violates the rights of these uncharged, untried suspects**.)

(** And if you’re thinking “oh, suspects, schmuspeccts, this innocent until proven guilty line is a technicality, right?” then go read this as well: an article in the Independent describing the evidence of, among others, a Guantanamo military lawyer about how the secret show trials – yes, get that irony – really work.)