It’s amazing what pleasure you can get just from sticks and twigs that you find on the ground… plus a little help from your store of craft supplies 🙂

For this project, Ariel and I went out to gather some fresh fallen twigs and sticks, because we needed some that were going to be green and flexible – we also used some ribbon, coloured string, and a few decorations I bought from Oxfam last year.

First, my “sun display”. Ariel and I put this together while talking about seasons, and in particular about how Christmas time is when the days stop getting shorter and start getting longer again, because the sun is starting to wake up ready for springtime.

I am particularly proud of the “sun” at the top, which I made out of the green, flexible twigs – woven together and tied with red string (the other suns are the Oxfam decorations). Here is a close-up – get your admiring gasps ready!

And to hang in our hallway we made a star, again just sticks, string and ribbon:

We made this while talking about the story of Jesus, who was born in a country stable. The stars knew he was going to be a very important person so they shone above his stable to celebrate his birthday.

Another of our decorations (one from previous years) is a little toyshop tealight lantern thingy, so in addition to talking about how we light candles to help the sun to wake up and shine, we managed to get through yet another story about Christmas – the story of a man called Nicholas who liked to give presents to children in poor families, and of how we give presents at Christmas time to remember him and to remember how important it is to care about other people.

Isn’t Christmas great with toddlers?

Coming soon: the amazing home-made Christmas tree…