Collect some pine cones from a dripping forest.
Bake for about 1 hour on 200C. This opens the scales so that any seeds will drop out, and also helps to dry out the sap. It smells good too 🙂
Put eye screws in the ends. This is a bit fiddly, especially with the cones that have gone a bit “crispy” in the oven, but be patient!

Thread coloured string through each eye screw and tie it on but don’t tie the ends (i.e. so the string won’t come off while you are decorating the cone, but leaving the ends loose so that you can tie the cone onto things later on). Next, paint, glitter, stick things on, and generally decorate as desired. Use the coloured string to tie the cones onto e.g. the arm of a chair so that they can dry hanging up.
Wash hands! Now wait for the paint, glue and so on to dry…
Hang up a stick* horizontally on the wall. I used two picture hooks and some festive ribbon. [* This was one we gathered earlier in the year (from a non-dripping forest). If you are going to do this then I suggest you look for hazel – as shown! Hazel is good because you get good long straight poles. Oh, and please gather fallen wood, don’t hack it from the trees!]
Tie on some of the cones once they are thoroughly dried and ready to go.
What the heck – tie on some more. You only live once… Ta-da!