I seem to be glued to this blog today – it’s this “Qatif girl” case that I can’t get out of my mind. I just checked on BBC website and the latest story is all about the USA reaction and in particular George Bush’s utter refusal to condemn this unbelievable demonstration of Saudi Arabia’ state-sponsored misogyny.

There is still nothing on the reaction of our own government!

I have just written to my MP to ask him what our government makes of it all. If we all write to our MPs asking them to raise the matter with government then at least they will have to come out one way or the other, condemning what has happened (is happening) or not. That has to be something, right?

Writing to your MP is easy, you can do it online here, as long as you know your postcode and what you want to say:


My message is pasted below. Feel free to make use of it, but please bear in mind that, as WriteToThem rightly point out, MPs tend to take you much more seriously if you make up your own words (and the website doesn’t accept copy-paste messages anyway).

Dear [my MP]

I have been reading and hearing about a case in Saudi Arabia in which a 19 year old woman (described as “the Qatif girl”) has been sentenced to 6 months in prison and 200 lashes after she was raped by a gang of seven men.

I am completely amazed at this case, which is extreme even for Saudi Arabia. I note that some countries are making official representations to the Saudi authorities about it. For example, I understand that Canada has condemned the conviction and sentence of this victim as “barbaric” – which of course it is.

Can you please find out what the UK government response will be and whether some sort of official protest or condemnation will be forthcoming?

Thank you, etc