… is now!

Female in biscuitsLast year I devoted a week to blogging about all things vulvatastic.

It was pretty fun, I explored all kinds of stuff, and it was somewhat liberating too. So this year I am planning to repeat the exercise. The idea is to just spend some time thinking about female genitalia in a way that we rarely get the chance to do in normal life – thinking about it in terms of sex, menstruation, birthing, health, culture, language, history, religion, art and whatever else takes our fancy.

Vulva Liberation Week will be held here this year from Sunday 18 November until Saturday 24 November 2007.

I am setting up a page to collate all the details and will add links etc to this as things develop and, in the week itself, as posts are posted. The page has a contact form so you can send me VLW-related messages if you want to, without having to leave a comment here if for any reason you would prefer not to do that!

The page is here (and is also linked in the line under the page title at the top – see?):

So – If you have any suggestions, comments or requests I’ll be happy to receive them. Either comment here, send me an e-mail if you know the address, or use the contact form on the VLW page.

If you would like to participate by blogging something during that week – anecdotal, analytical, celebratory, historical, whatever – then hooray! It would be really brilliant if you could (1) link to my VLW page (address above) in your post(s) and (2) drop me a link or trackback to make extra sure that I notice your post and link to you.

People, I love you all.