Family of the Royal KumariThis is the family of the present Royal Kumari of Nepal, 9-year-old Preeti Shakya who has been cloistered in a temple since the age of four.

Her mother says:

“At first I didn’t want her to be the Kumari. I’d be sad without her. So I hid her upstairs, but they insisted and took her and said you shouldn’t talk like that. They told us her horoscope matched [the king’s] exactly so we couldn’t say no. My mother-in-law said something bad might happen if we didn’t let her go. And it was good for the family name – so although we were sad, we let her go.”

Priya, her 12-year-old sister, who would have been 7 when her sister was taken away, says:

“I used to cry. I miss her so much. If she was with me at home it would be so much fun. We would play together.” Priya would not like to be the Royal Kumari: “I would not like to be separated from my parents. And I wouldn’t have any friends in school. I can go to school and I can go outside as well.”

Source: BBC