Woman biker

I assume that the following exchange was loosely based on a Sleeping Beauty song from nursery, but I’m only guessing.

(SCENE: In bed, getting ready to settle down and sleep.)

HER: (Suddenly sits up and starts singing) Long, long ago. Long long ago.
ME: Eh? What?
HER: (Still singing) A handsome princess riding bike, riding bike, riding bike. A handsome princess riding bike, riding bike, long ago.
ME: A handsome princess? Riding a bike?
HER: Yes. (Sings, does riding actions) Handsome princess riding bike, long long ago. (Speaking) Yes mummy, a handsome princess.
ME: What was she doing then? Did she give her mummy a kiss and then go to sleep?*
HER: No, her daddy.
ME: She gave her daddy a kiss?
HER: No, her daddy gave her a kiss. (Singing) Woked her up, Woked her up, Woked her up. Long, long ago.
ME: He woke her up? Was she asleep on her bike?
HER: No, silly mummy. You don’t sleep on bikes. It was after.
ME: Oh.
HER: I don’t know everything, mummy.
ME: Well that’s OK.
HER: (Singing, with chopping actions) Chopped it down, chopped it down, chopped it down. Long, long ago.
ME: What did she chop down?
HER: No, he chopped it down. Her daddy did.
ME: So what did her daddy chop down?
HER: He chopped the pillow into rectangles. Like this. (Singing, with chopping actions on the pillow) Long, long ago.
ME: I hope he let her get out of bed before he started chopping the pillow up.
HER: (Withering look.) I need a wee now mummy.

(*Optimistic that, but worth a try.)