Because, look, I had time to read this… 🙂
(on MSN of all places)

A lot is made of your fuller figure, were you ever bullied because of your weight?

No I wasn’t bullied. I always held my own. I could take things in my stride but it was really painful and hurt my feelings. I never let people know that though. I was always cheery, which is a disposition of fat people, just because if we didn’t grin and bear it then we’d be depressed all the time.

I get strength from my mum who is the queen of hiding things behind a smile. Southern culture is extremely hospitable and sweet and they will stab someone in the back with a smile on their face.

Have you ever tried to conform or diet?

Still to this day I have to battle with ‘oh should I be on a diet?’ It’s not that easy but it’s about confidence. I can’t shut off the entire world. I feel how I feel, but it’s not like it used to be. I challenge myself and no matter what I am right. I’m the one who’s accepting myself and not trying to change myself. It doesn’t mean people are f***ed up or wrong it means I’m just not going to let it work on me. Life is too short.