Crochet ghost 1I am torn between hating the fact that I am still excited by trivial make-and-share projects – even right now when I have just been so forcefully reminded that there is real feminist work to be done – and just plain being excited.

(I could excuse myself on the somewhat tenuous basis that my whole life, living in my own power, blah, blah, is inherently a powerful feminist statement, blah, blah, but nobody would be fooled by that old nonsense – least of all me. Ho hum. Don’t feel too sorry for me: I know very well that it’s a middle class dilemma I’m privileged to have.)

Meanwhile, I have the bittersweet pleasure of presenting the fruits of today’s pre-Halloween activities.

For one thing, my crochet spider now has a ghostly playmate. And while I’m on this subject, I would like it to be noted that, while you may think my creations are a complete and utter pile, Ariel has been thoroughly delighted with each and every one. She is currently fast asleep clutching the spider, dreaming perhaps about the ghost she is going to have when she wakes up tomorrow.

We have also carved the pumpkin. Since Ariel was not allowed to do any carving, too incompetent to draw much in the way of a design (see below!), and too puny to manage much even in the way of scooping out seeds and gunk, it was actually quite a frustrating process. However, she did seem to enjoy it when I wasn’t yelling at her to get her fingers out of the way of the knife, and to stop trying to put the lid back on while I was scooping stuff out, and so on and so forth.

Carved pumpkin

And for dinner we had Veggie Eyeball Halloween Pie.

The veggie eyeballs were vegetarian meatballs, by the way, in a sauce full of peppers and sweetcorn and tomatoes and onions and things. (NB There is exactly as much eye in a veggie eyeball as there is meat in a veggie meatball so I didn’t feel I was stretching things even slightly on this front.) I am particularly proud of the festive orange topping which consists of sweet potatoes mashed up with orange lentils and turmeric, thickened with porridge oats, with Double Gloucester cheese melted on top.

Veggie eyeball pie

And finally, just so you didn’t think I would leave my fish out of the festivities, here they are being completely disinterested in the white-lady ghost. How rude.

Crochet ghost 2

PS While you’re in the mood, this is strangely addictive, I found.