… quite busy lately.

Apart from going through a facebook obsession (it will die down soon, I’m sure) there has also been a lot of other stuff going on around here – life, huh. And I have got a bit of momentum on the Big Read after a break of more than 2 months, so I’m riding that wave while it lasts – I’ve read five and a half books in the last 3 or 4 weeks and the next five and a half are lined up ready. Oh, and I’ll be going on holiday soon. To read those books somewhere sunny, with (grand)parents on hand to boot.

So that is why I haven’t blogged much and will not blog again for the best part of another fortnight. I will be back in time to walk on hot coals for breastfeeding mothers though, so you can look forward to my account of that if you like.

Meanwhile – if in my absence you are pining for prose like pearls – I urge you to try this.