Yams. You expect them to be something like potatoes – a bit, anyway – but they’re not.

They look a bit like potatoes, at least on the outside (when you peel them you end up with a most uninspiring brownish-looking flesh). And they certainly cook a bit like potatoes. But they don’t eat a bit like potatoes. When it comes to eating, they aren’t even slightly like potatoes. They are much, much more like water chestnuts. Which is to say, they are slightly crunchy and don’t actually taste of a lot.

The dish I made with my yam was pretty unexciting as it turns out. I guess if I’d known the yam was going to be so tasteless I might have tried a bit harder with the sauce, but as it was the whole thing turned out pretty bland – nothing like as nice as it looked. Ho hum. I would say “better luck next time” except I’m not sure I shall bother with a next time. Actual potatoes considerably nicer.

Yam and peppers