Zebra costume 1Zebra costume 2

Zebra costume 3

Take: 1 striped and hooded black and white dress (H&M); 1 pair long stripey socks (ditto); 1 sort-of-A4-sized piece zebra-print felt; some black sewing thread.

Tools: scissors, needle, sewing machine if you have one, poky thing e.g. chopstick.

1. FOR THE TAIL: Cut out a long rectangle of felt (so that you leave a squarish piece for the ears). Fold it in half, outside in, and sew up one side. As you get to the end move the line of seam across the fabric i.e. so that you are going to have a tapered end. Once you have sewn all the way up/across, turn the tail the right way out, using your poky thing to help. Stitch this onto the dress, about where your child’s bottom will go. Don’t stitch too irrevocably if you ever want to use the dress as a non-zebra outfit afterwards!

2. FOR THE EARS: Fold the remaining squarish piece of felt into four. Cut out an ear shape with the pointed tip in one corner of the square i.e. cut all 4 pieces together so you get matching shapes. Pair up the ear-pieces and for each pair sew all round the edge, outside in, leaving a gap at the bottom end. Next, turn the ears the right way out, again using your poky thing to help. Stitch this onto each side of the hood on the dress. Again, don’t stitch too irrevocably if you want to take the ears off afterwards.

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ps Dolly is dressing up too:

Dolly in zebra suit