There’s no denying it.
It’s become increasingly clear over the last few weeks, the last couple of months even.

My anger levels have eased down to manageable levels, to levels that I can get through whole days at a time without feeling the need to cry, weep, scream, rant, shout, and rage into the ether. Not that I am all sweetness, but I am at least not all rage. I swear a lot at the office. But there is no malice in it, you know?

On the downside, it makes it hard to bring quite the same passion to blogging about the evils of the world. On the upside, I’m not constantly in a state of indignation. This is good. And, even – my soul is, you know, kicking.

Maybe it’s that we’ve at last had a few decently sunny days. Maybe it’s that I’ve been getting out and about with the Earth – camping, walks in the country, stuff like that. Maybe just having had lots of time off work in the recent past has something to do with it. Maybe I’m even, finally, healed. Maybe it’s a yellow goddess at work. Whatever it is, I like it.

You know, I think I want to…

Lift my feet up and –
Throw my head back and –
Kick my heels up and –
Come on now –

Take it easy … Take it easy … Take it easy …
Come on now –

Jump up and shout now –
Everybody shout now –
Everybody shout-shout –



Matisse Dance