Knickers!Today marks a great achievement: Ariel went all day with “just knickers like mummy” and for the first time since we started this thing last week, we had absolutely no accidents. This is partly as a result of my getting the hang of roughly when to suggest or insist on a trip to the toilet, and partly because she is getting better both at knowing when she needs to go and at going on command and/or hanging on for a little while when necessary. She’s done really amazingly well, especially given that we were out for much of the day.

**And also** – we were having to use “big toilets” (i.e. without her special toddler seat insert thingy) but although previously I have had to hold onto her in case she fell in, she decided she was brave enough today that I didn’t actually have to hold onto her and she could manage not to fall in all by herself. Which she did. Manage, I mean. Yay!

What a girl! She makes me proud.

In other news, we had a lovely time in the Porridge of Steam. The weather was hot. I got slightly sunburnt. We did some foresty walking, picking up sticks, poking things with them, throwing them into streams, looking at bark and leaves, picking blackberries, jumping on and off tree-stumps, looking at the rings in the wood, drawing with some “charcoal” we found, putting our fingers in some sticky sap – and, of course, having lots of “country wees”!

Normal blogging may resume shortly.