Robert Högfeldt, painting of trolls and some porridgeWe’re taking our tent to the “Porridge of Steam“* for the bank holiday weekend. Wish us luck on the weather front!

(*For the uninitiated, this is a large wooded area, just the other side of the River Severn.)

In other news, Ariel has decided that right now, this very week is just the absolutely right time to stop wearing nappies and start wearing knickers like mummy. She’s doing really well – we started yesterday at home, and although she wore nappies at nursery today she used the toilet for all but one wee (just after a nap, you can hardly blame her!) so after a few more days practice with mummy at the weekend I think we will be putting the day nappies away altogether. How amazing is she?

Before she grows up entirely, let’s capture some gems. She still says the most cutest little things. Like “Dipple ghostless” – a double whammy – her mispronunciation of Mummy’s own favourite mispronunciation (Diploducus – not even the OED, which I discover has a “word of the day” feed, can persuade me to pronounce this the correct-but-ugly way).

Also socks are still “sgoks“, an ambulance is still an “ambulant” and you don’t want to know what trains do. Meanwhile, she seems to have no trouble with “Triceratops” or “Tyrannosaurus” or even “Pterodactyl”. What a girl.

Her favourite expression at the moment is “Great Big Huuuuuge ‘Normous One” as in “I want a GBHN ice-cream” or, more commonly alas, “I done a GBHN poo mummy, like a brown sausage”. (Oh, and I said I’d never publicly shame her.)