Look – new fish! Today we welcomed six new Golden Zebra Danios into our home.

They are a colour variant on normal Zebra Danios, but the same species. They are a pale golden yellow with highlights striped down each side. They swim too fast for non-blurry pictures, but I am in the middle of making a welcome video (to be posted soon) which will give you more of an idea.

Meanwhile, here is how they looked earlier, huddled together and fidgeting nervously at the surface of their new tank, just after having found their way out of the bag:

New golden zebra danios

(That bright light, by the way, is just my overhead light in the room where the tank is. There was no way to take this picture without having it in the way.)

I am slightly worried about dumping six new fish into my tank all at once, but they are pretty small and very hardy so hopefully the bio-filtration will be able to cope.