Polar bear with fish stuck in iceSo I left my fish to go on holiday. There were floods, riots, water shortages, powercuts and a filter conk-out. Well, I made the riots up – but still it could hardly have been worse! The good news is that my fish survived and everything is fine.

I have been reluctant to change the water because the tap water has been dodgy right up until last week, so until today I hadn’t cleaned the tank or changed the water or anything since before I went on holiday nearly 4 weeks ago! The job is done now and all is clear and fine.

Maybe because of all this, I dunno, it took me a while on returning from holiday to re-bond with the little critters. Maybe I’ve just been too stressed out and busy and distracted to just sit down and have some fishy chillout time. Whatever. We’re mates again now. Yay!

Also, Ariel has started asking when we are going to get some more fish. I promised we would see about getting more after we got back from holiday, and so I was thinking we could go and get some this weekend.

Preparatory to this, I decided to check my ammonia etc, to make sure all levels were nil or near enough. Oh no! Ammona is not nil, but then it never has been and the fish don’t seem to mind – but the nitrite has gone purple, fading to ruby after a while. Yikes! Frantically, I search for my colour charts. Can’t find them, but I’m pretty sure purple wasn’t even on the chart. The instructions, in case I mucked something up and forgot the correct way to do the test. Can’t find them either, but again I’m pretty sure I got it right. Either the chemicals have gone funny or my fish are on the brink of death. Looking at my happy, healthy fish, I reckon its the chemicals. Ho hum.