Harriet harman

The government is currently developing its agenda for women’s issues, and they are seeking views from you and me about our priorities.

Here is the website for the Women’s National Commission which tells you all about it.

Here is the survey you can complete with your views.

The three general areas that Harriet Harman wants to pursue are:

  1. Supporting families, particularly as they bring up children and care for older and disabled relatives
  2. Tackling violence against women and improving the way we deal with women who commit crimes
  3. Empowering black and minority ethnic women to build cohesion within their communities and as a bridge between communities

The survey gives you the opportunity to say what your priorities are for those areas, suggest positive actions that the government could pursue in the short and longer term, and comment on whether actually you think there is something even more important than those three points.

Come on people, this is actual democracy.