None of these paintings are especially recent, but it has taken me a while to get around to scanning and sharing them.

This is an oldish one of Ariel’s. I don’t think it was deliberate that this is quite clearly a picture of a tree. She was just mucking about. 🙂

Ariel finger-painting

This is a more recent one of hers, although in fairness mummy did help with the glitterworms. The beautiful grass effect that she created out of her blue and yellow paint may also be a coincidence, but of course I like it anyway!

Ariel finger-painting with glitterworms

Finally, here’s one of mine, which I did at about the same time as the wormy one above. It’s so liberating to have a little person to play with, you can do finger-painting and be entirely unselfconscious about it. However, unlike Ariel, whose paintings are all about texture and feel and splodging, I do usually try to make pictures of something.

This one is called Ariel and I won’t bother telling you what each little splodge was intended to convey. Suffice to say that there is meaning for me.

Maia's fingerpainting,