Hope you all enjoyed the solstice at least as much as this:

I mean, it was about as much fun as you can have on your own, camping in the back garden. Which, surprisingly, was quite a lot. Hooray!

I even managed to be up for sunrise (although the experience was cut short when Ariel woke up too, came out of the tent, shivered for a bit, and then demanded to be taken inside for a poo… ho-hum).

Solstice equipment

Sunrise, 21 June 2007

In other news, I realised at last that what I really need is a *break*. Seriously, I’ve been getting increasingly stressed and irritable lately (despite the fact that Ariel is sleeping pretty well most nights, so it isn’t really lack of sleep as such), especially over the last 2 or 3 weeks. Despite managing to salvage a good day on Painswick Beacon on Wednesday, and an almost acceptable solstice, I was back to dragon mode first thing Thursday morning… and when I almost killed about ten people at work over trivial matters in the space of a morning, I realised that something had to give.

So I worked out that the last time I had had any time just by myself doing whatever I want – not work, not mothering, just doing whatever *I* want was – last year. In short, I fixed to take Thursday and Friday afternoons off for some “me-time” (oh, how I despise that ridiculous little phrase). My boss was quite happy just to get my snappy backside out of her face, I suspect. And I got to spend a couple of afternoons just basically mucking about* quietly without having to worry about anything or anyone else. It was great! I feel about a hundred times better. It wasn’t quite a quick fix as I probably still have unacceptably high stress levels compared with “normal” (can’t remember what that is like), but it’ll keep me going for now.

[* I spent Thursday making a video of my Solstice. Anyone who knows me, feel free to apply to be my friend on MaiaVision (You Tube members only, sorry), and I can send you a link.]

And now that my head is less scrambled, I’ve noticed that Ariel too is stressed out and needs a break (no wonder she has been winding me up!) We have been doing loads lately, so it isn’t surprising. So today we just chilled out, went out this morning to run a few errands and go to the library, but apart from that we’ve just been lying about reading stories in bed. Nice.

To cut a long story short – that’s why my blogging has been down a bit lately, and why when I do post it’s mainly about crap. You’ll know when I’m back on top mettle, because I shall start spitting fire again. Or something.