I started today feeling wretched, thinking about all the fun thousands of people will be having tonight at Stonehenge without me. The wretchedness is made worse by the fact that all my lovely pictures from the brilliant time I had last year are stuck on the hard drive of my dead computer. Bad, bad, bad.

But. A stint with Ariel on Painswick Beacon has totally sorted me out, and so for any fellow-sufferers of Not-Going-To-Be-At-Stonehenge-For-The-Solstice angst, here is something that may help:

Meanwhile, Ariel and I are recreating Stonehenge in the garden. She is asleep in the tent wearing her beloved stripey pixie hat (thanks, E!), and I’m just off out in my hippy gear to eat chocolate, drink Chai tea, play the drum and build a stonehenge model. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to figure out how my phone alarm works and wake up in time for sunrise too.

Happy solstice everyone!