To save me having to write a real post on this subject: just go read this one and/or this one. (Second link has a full size image of the cartoon.)

It’s all about a cartoon about role models and gender.

The cartoon suggests that the lack of a male role model in a child’s home (here, we are talking about a lesbian couple, and the same applies to single mothers) may not be the worst thing in the world. It suggests that having no male role model in the home may be better than a negative male role model in the home.

The same argument does, of course, apply in reverse: the absence of a female role model in homes with a single father or a gay couple parenting is also not necessarily worse than the presence of a negative female role model.

I would add, at the risk of turning this into a real post, that the sex of your role models, whoever they are and whether or not they live in the same house as you, is completely irrelevant. What matters is what they can teach you, and unless we are saying that there are things all men can teach which no women can teach (or vice versa) – which we are not, because it would be a stupid thing to say – then complaints about what sex your role models are cannot even get off the ground.

So anyway. The story is about how that cartoon – with its simple and truthful message that having two lesbian mothers is not the worst thing that can happen to a child – has been taken and used as an example of man-bashing. Apparently, its author and anyone who smirked after reading the cartoon is clearly hating the poor, defenceless daddies.

Dear God, won’t someone please think of the daddies?!

I mean, WTF?
To all the men out there, here’s a clue: it isn’t about you.
To all the good daddies out there, here’s a clue: it isn’t about you, either.