Sandar TeagueParamedics in Gloucester allowed this 52-year-old woman, Sandra Teague, to die of a heart attack in her dining room because, what?

They were too busy making jokes about how fat she was to figure out how to get her in an ambulance. Would you want to have to wait two hours or more while paramedics faff about wondering if you are too fat too move instead of just bloody well getting you to the hospital? This woman died. All they had to do was put her in a wheelchair or on a stretcher or one of those trolley things that every ambulance has, or carry her between them in a fireman’s lift or god damn it something other than stand about cracking jokes about cranes or tractors or whatever the hell… can you tell I’m incoherent with rage?

She weighed 17.5 stone. 111kg. How many people weigh that much or more in Gloucester? What about the pride of Gloucester?

Will James – 122kg
Terry Sigley – 121kg
Jack Forster – 119kg
Olivier Azam – 118kg
Alex Brown – 115kg
Christian Califano
– 113kg
Peter Buxton – 112kg
Adam Balding – 111kg
Patrice Collazo, Marco Bortolami, Adam Eustace, Nick Wood, Carlos Nieto – 110kg
Ross McMillan – 109kg
Jake Boer, Jonathan Pendlebury, James Forrester– 108kg.

Do you really believe that Olivier Azam or Christian Califano would have been left for two hours, dying, while paramedics joked about their weight?

Gloucester – be ashamed with me. Be ashamed of what our ambulance service has done to one of our citizens. Even if those paramedics couldn’t have saved her, surely they could have treated this woman with dignity and respect while she lay dying. This is disgusting.

[HT Kate Harding]