Woolly Woo
(Maia’s Woolly Woo says “Welcome” to Radfem Carnival-goers.)

So I feel I should capitalise on all the traffic that this carnival exposure is generating by posting something really inspiring, dynamic and thought-provoking RIGHT NOW.

Except I’ve been too busy tonight making a fish video.

Also, it’s not as though I blog for the traffic, is it? If I did, then I would spend my life hanging out on other people’s widely-read blogs, making provocative comments, and waiting for people to click on my link, right?*

(*Actually, I inadvertantly did that, too – sort of. I linked to a post on IBTP and got a gazillion hits from people clicking on the trackback. This internet stuff is way complicated.)

Anyhow, compromise time. If you want to see Things I Have Blogged, with specific reference to Things that may be of radfem interest, take a look below. It’s just a bunch of links from the archive, but it might impress ya. Humph.

If none of that floats your radfem boat, you may be better off on some other blog, right?