Settling in: My fish have had their tank light on today, and I’ve also given them something to eat – they ate a couple of bits of flake each and that was it, not sure if this is “normal”. Perhaps they will get more of an appetite as they settle down more. They also have a habit (at least one of them does, not sure which one yet) of lying on the gravel playing dead which is a bit alarming but I think it’s just an I-can’t-be-bothered-to-swim-right-now thing. They do seem fairly happy and settled, although still a bit skittish when a Big Person looms up by the tank, unsurprisingly!

Here is some FishTV for you:

[Um. Not sure if this is working. I will check tomorrow and if not I will update then.]

As you may notice if you can watch the video (or scroll down for stills), you can see the fish much more clearly when they are in the light, and they are playing about loads more than yesterday.

I wax lyrical about my fish:

They are amazingly beautiful. They have tiny, feathery fins and tails and beautiful silvery bodies. They have little cherry lips in a little fishy pout. They swim fast, slow, they hover, they change direction in less than the blink of an eye. Their colours seem to change too, depending on the light perhaps. It’s remarkable how certain lighting brings out their colours as if their sole purpose was gorgeousness – whereas while in the dark or in bright light the colours recede through copper to amber to bland, apart from that striking band of markings from nose to tail.

Here are some pictures to show you what I mean about the colours:

Cherry barbs 1
Cherry barbs 2
Cherry barbs 3

Sugar and Spice?

I’ve also now worked out some differences between them to help me tell them apart. This means I can name them! Provisionally i.e. unless I can think of a better idea before it’s too late, they are Sugar and Spice.

The differences: ahem: Sugar has a less definite zig-zag pattern to her side markings than Spice, whose markings are a little clearer. Sugar’s lower line of markings is fainter and her upper line is less joined-up-looking, with a wider gap between them. – So you’ve still got to look closely!

(I am still unsure of sexes – I am treating them both as female at present, although I full accept that one of them might have to “transition” at a later stage.)

Funny how in all these pictures Sugar seems to be following Spice around! I hadn’t noticed that earlier. I will have to watch them for a while and see if this is a patten or only a coincidence…

I just LOVE watching them, they are totally fascinating. Yay, fish!