It was only by sheer effort of will that I managed to stop myself from getting fish today. Patience, patience. We are nearly there though*, and Ariel demanded that we go to the fish shop regardless, so we have got just about all the stuff we need now.

(* Magickitty’s fantastic suggestion of fishless cycling has come too late to save the poor critters that will come under my amateurish care from new tank syndrome. I haven’t actually bought them yet, but have promised Ariel I will which is almost as good.)

The tank decor has been just about completed with a couple of indeterminate but “authentic” fake plants and a little cave thing – even the bogwood has stopped floating, although only because it is wedged down too tight. The air bubbles are dissipating too, and I’ve managed to clean off the sticky remains of the old thermometer. See:

Tank almost ready for fish

We are going to go and pick out our first fish on Wednesday. Hooray! (ish)