Shopping for the aquarium, part 2 – we have now got some gravel, some chemical doofers (some to find out what’s wrong with your water, and some to fix it, so that your fish will not die), and this:

Soaking the bogwood

This mighty bogwood specimen, weighing in at a wopping 0.52kg, was labelled “Ro. Moorwurzel” for extra mystique – disappointingly, this intriguing name is just the German for bogwood, as far as I can make out. Literally, it translates as something like Red (“Ro.” being short for “Rote”) Bogroot. For what that’s worth. Anyway, the point is, if you soak it then it will eventually, or so I’m told, stop floating and start sinking. My fish will like it.

However, that may be, you can certainly get some interesting effects by playing around with the reflections and refractions and things – ghostly alien anyone?

Creepy bogwood picture

And then there is Major Shopping Item number #726 – taking just an hour and a half of bloody-cursing and why-won’t-this-sodding-screw-fit-this-rotten-bloody-hole-ing to assemble, I give you, the Juwel Rekord 80/96 SB, in Beech effect:

The stand! - in the space