The leak test continues – even after 14 gruelling hours, the tank is performing effortlessly in the face of gallons, easily standing up to the constant pressure, silent and impassive:
Empty fish tank - the leak test

Meanwhile, Maia clears a space, ready to welcome the champion aquarium once it has completed its gruelling ordeal:

Clear space! Waiting for the fish

It’s a thrill a minute this fishkeeping lark.

Equipment update: the kit does not, in fact, work at all. At least, the heater couldn’t even warm up a bucket of water, never mind a tankful – and I’ve also decided that since the filter is *so* important in keeping fish alive and well, I won’t trust to the ancient thing of uncertain pedigree that came with the tank.

So we went shopping today and have got some new equipment:

  • New light bulb, which I have fitted and which works perfectly.
  • Two 50-watt heaters (on the basis that two small ones are less likely to break down with fatal consequences than one big one.)
  • A power filter.

We also need to get a stand and some gravel and stuff to go in the tank, but we can’t be doing everything all at once with bouncy toddlers in tow, now can we?