30 Happens

I will be 30 tomorrow. This is my last post as a bright young 20-something, so obviously a completely trivial offering is in order. Fortunately, Erika has come to the rescue…

A – Available or Single? Single, but definitely NOT available.

B – Best Friend I wish.

C – Cake or Pie Cake.

D – Drink of Choice Tea, or water, or (usually very) diluted fruit juice. If I’m going for something alcoholic, then either an interesting beer or a glass of champagne. Tomorrow I might have one of each! Oh, oh, oh – and Pimms, done properly.

E – Essential Item Credit card. Sad, but true. It is my security blanket.

F – Favourite Colour Very mood-dependent. Currently purple, but that is a whole ‘nother story.

G – Gummi Bears Are you asking if I like them? No, not really – I don’t have a very sweet tooth.

H – Hometown Born in Margate, feel at home in Bristol, actual home is in Gloucester.

I – Indulgence Blogging.

J – January or February I have good reason to love and honour January – it is the month of Ariel’s birth.

K – Kids Ariel, 2 and a quarter years old.

L – Life is incomplete without… Life is complete. It would be incomplete without Ariel. The internet. Work. Play. Good food. Friends. Self love. OK, so life is a little bit incomplete without a best friend. I’m like a Jacqueline Wilson character.

M – Marriage Date October 2004. I’ve learned a lot since then… Never again.

N – Number of Siblings 1

O – Oranges or Apples? Mood-dependent again. Apples, usually. Oranges are not the only fruit, are they?

P – Phobias/Fears I am not a fearful person, I endeavour to live without fear. I can make fear happen just by thinking about it, I can make the kind of fear that curls me over and tears anguish from my guts – but why would I want to?

Q – Favorite Quote “We’re all tools of the patriarchy, darling” Me. My favourites change all the time though, so don’t take that as set in stone.

R – Reasons to smile Ariel. Being a woman-centred woman. Chocolate.

S – Season Spring

T – Tag Three Nah. Leave a comment it you wanna.

U – Unknown Fact About Me I write so much here I have lost track of what is still unknown. Unknown to whom, anyway? Have I mentioned I went to Oxford? I was at Pembroke. Impressed?

V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals Cop-out option: I eat meat, but tend to avoid it and eat it only infrequently as I prefer to buy local and/or organic. Days and weeks can pass – tomorrow I will be eating a whole slaughterhouse full, as it is my birthday and we are having a barbecue… (Hey, E, Lamb and duck are my favourites too!)

W – Worst Habit Picking my nose! (everybody does that, right?)

X – X-rays or Ultrasounds Is the question whether I’ve had one? I had an x-ray when I was a kid, at the orthodontist. I’ve had two or three pregnancy-related ultrasounds. That’s it.

Y – Your Favourite Foods Something I’ve cooked out of bits and bobs. Going out – proper Chinese crispy aromatic duck, or proper Italian pizza. Yorkshire pudding.

Z – Zodiac Taurus, for what it’s worth. My dad believes this stuff more than I do, and he’s supposed to be the sensible one.