I love your body
because it is yours.

I love your face and hair,
your legs, arms, belly, thighs, breasts –
because they are yours.

Would that I could touch –

I would start with the back of your hand.


Turning it over,
I would touch your wrist,
tracing the blue veins upwards.
I would gently explore
just finding each mark,
each scar,
each mole.
Learning the sense of it.
I would with the very tips of my fingers
trace invisible lines –
barely touching,
a sensual hovering,
feeling the hairs bristle and softly move –
coming briefly to rest on the inner crook of your elbow,
and then down again.

Giddily down.

Your palm.
Little circles with my thumb,
resting my fingers lightly on yours.
Then tracing those invisible lines again –
my index finger,
and each of your five fingers in turn.


If I could touch!