Garden Tools ( and I mowed the lawn. That’s twice this year! After that and some shopping and some lunch (see, very productive day already) we slept for TWO HOURS this afternoon. Goddess, I needed that.

We then did great things in the front garden. – I say that as though we have acres. The “front garden” is probably smaller than my very small car.

I’ve been working on clearing the weeds, starting with the tiniest of the two small sections either side of the path – which was considerably more weedy and more out-of-control than the other section, which occasionally gets mowed by my neighbour – whether out of helpfulness or irritation I’m not sure. So today we cleared away the weeds and remnants of lawn down to bare earth and worms. (“Worm, don’t touch Ariel’s leg! Worm, go away!”)

I’ve got some “eco-weedmat” to put down and bark chippings to go over that. We’ve put the mat and chippings down on one side – the hardest side, which involved moving a really heavy planter – and just have a little bit more mat and chippings to do now. The rest will be a bit fiddly since I have to work round a drain-hole cover but even then it shouldn’t take too long. That’s pencilled in for Wednesday morning.

(I’m also starting to have enormously grand plans for the other, marginally bigger, part of the former front lawn but I am at least aware that my ambition here exceeds the skill, energy, time, strength and determination that I have available.)

After that, I was about to heat up some soup to eat when a friend took me by surprise by appearing with takeaway Chinese food. Luverly. This was in fact prearranged but I had forgotten all about it in the 24 hours since we fixed it up, so it was a happy surprise for me…

And finally, as they say on the news, Ariel went to bed after that without a bath leaving me with no option but to have one on my own. Oh! Bliss! The water just as hot as *I* want it. Staying in the bath for just as long as *I* want to – no more, no less. Having the whole bath to myself, uncluttered by Ariel’s six plastic ducks, her two waterproof books, her two empty shampoo bottles, her micro-steamer insert, her yellow jug, or her.

Does life get better than a day like today?