BlossomJust to prove it’s not all grim and grumpy around here, I’d like to tell you about my lovely day!

Highlights include:

  • Setting up swingball in the garden and “playing tennis” with Ariel. (I’ve left the middle section of the pole out, so that it is only about Ariel-height and I’ve knotted the cord so the ball hangs at the right level. This means I can play tennis sitting on the ground – who says exercise has to be gruelling?)
  • Walking through falling pink blossom, like spring snow.
  • Eating chips with Ariel in the cathedral gardens, just enjoying the sunshine.
  • Ariel telling me that she needed a poo while we were out and about, finding one, waiting for the person inside to come out, being allowed in first by the other person who was waiting to use it, getting Ariel’s shorts down and nappy off to find – NO POO! And then, Ariel doing a poo in the Big Toilet without her Special Seat… Yay! (Ahem. Sorry dearest, if you are reading this in 10 years time and blushing…)
  • Going to the park and just playing with Ariel, enjoying the carnival atmosphere. A circus is camping in the park right next to the playground and we arrived about half an hour before the afternoon show, so the place was like a festival.

And then, the following conversation with Ariel after she spotted, whilst riding around the carpark on her bike, a very small and seemingly most uninteresting twig on the ground:
HER: What’s that?… Piece of wood!
ME: Yes it is.
HER: Not a cat?
ME: A cat? No. Not a cat.
HER: Oh. Not a cat. Piece of wood!