Puritan womanI pledge to you, dear heart:
Openness and honesty.
Truth and light.

My heart, I pledge that I will teach you to know yourself not through the images of men and the expectations of men and the eyes of men, but through your own eyes and the eyes of truthful women.

My one, I will not blush to speak of these things.
I will not perpetuate what was given to me.
I will not keep secrets.
I will be frank.
I will be clear.
I will not make things shameful or embarassing.
I will give you your answers, when you want them.

We will laugh together.

My beloved, I will give you an alternative to this pervasive idea that cruel, remorseless femininity is normal – that femininity is all there is. I will give you eyes to see with and a heart to love with.

I will give you freedom. If I can.