Hotel Chocolat Tasting ClubThe box

You get 26 chocolates (13 different kinds, two of each) plus six batons. Truffles, ganache, pralines and boozy chocs abound, and all of the highest quality. None of the chocolate was less than 60%, most was 72% or more.


For my taste, there were a few too many boozy ones or, at least, the alcoholic ones were too boozy. The Advocaat Cup and the 72% Truffle were the worst offenders, and the Amaretto Truffle was disappointing because I was expecting it to be gorgeous (love almonds, love amaretto) and the amaretto was somewhat overpoweringly alcoholic. Ho hum.


Tanzanian 75% Dark Chocolate Batons
Fabulous. Rich, smoky, dark – absolutely perfect to eat with port. Not sure how, but I’ve still got one left – Yay!

Palet Citron
A dark chocolate ganache flavoured with lemon and cointreau, flattened to a beautifully dense texture, encased in 72% dark chocolate, and topped with a piece of crystallised lemon rind. The sharp citrus and creamy chocolate were just a brilliant combination. Loved it.