(If you haven’t yet read the Shulathon, I seriously recommend it. It’s the best megathread I’ve read in a long time.)

In a Firestone state of mind today, I have been pondering what would happen if we REALLY eliminated power, and power-over in particular, from sexuality.

Sperm meets egg - blue painting

No more rape.
No more sexual abuse.
No more sexual assault.
No more property, in somebody else’s body.

No more repression of sexual urges.
No more sublimation and distortion of sexual urges.
No more limits.
No more damage.
No more twisted perversions of love.

No more not-for-children.
No more stop-it-that’s-dirty.
No more you’ll-go-blind.
No more don’t-touch-mummy-that-way.

No more attraction to powerful men.
No more addiction to the trappings of power: money, fast cars, gadgets – STUFF.
No more desire to own another person, as a trapping of power, as an accessory.
No more distaste for strong, powerful women.
No more disdain for “wishy-washy do-gooder types” who reject power-over models.
No more “romantic” stories in which the hero must forcibly kiss (or even rape) his woman in order to make her see that she truly wants and loves him.

Instead, what would we have?

Freedom to invent.
Freedom to experiment.
Freedom to love with a total response.
Freedom to wholly embrace our loved ones.
Freedom to enjoy the caress of a simple child, honest and direct and sensual.
Freedom from fear.

A massive range of sensual options.
A kiss of loving-kindness to be shared with joy.
An eroticism that feeds on equality, mutuality and consent.

The power to say no, and mean it.
The power to hear no, and respect it.
The power to be ruled by mutual concern.


And, I’ll say it again: Freedom