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Today of all days, when Tescos have already been thoroughly embarrased by trouble with contaminated petrol, the icing is on the cake.

About 3 years ago, a man called David Bond suffered damage to his car costing over £3,000 when he filled up with water-contaminated petrol at Tesco. The company admitted that they were liable for the damage but – on what grounds, we can only speculate – refused to pay more than 25% of the repair costs.

Mr Bond sued. Tesco defended the case, insisting – again, on what grounds we can barely guess – that they were not obliged to pay the full cost of the repairs to his car.

Mr Bond won his case, and Tesco were ordered to pay his claim. They did not do so. They eventually said that they would, but still failed to do so. Why? Who knows?

Mr Bond went to his solicitors again. He called in the bailiffs. The bailiffs went to my local Tesco store here in Gloucester and impounded (i.e. cordoned off and instructed Tesco not to sell on pain of criminal sanctions for contempt of court) around £60,000 worth of booze. If they don’t pay up pronto, the booze will be flogged by the bailiffs to pay what Tesco owe.

(Read all about it.)

Goodness knows what Tesco’s lawyers were up to. A mistake one can forgive – but this? This is stupidity piled upon incompetence piled upon arrogance piled upon lunacy. At no stage of proceedings do Tesco’s actions make sense. They can have no justification for acting in such a ridiculously stupid, unfair and uncommercial way. What were they thinking?

I cackle.
I really do.
My word, but it does the heart good to see such an almighty disaster.