NHS anti-smoking posterI couldn’t quite believe my eyes today as I spotted an NHS poster – which was presumably professionally designed and produced, by professional poster designers and producers, whose job it is not to cock these things up – with the slogan “There’s never been more ways to get rid of cigarettes” (see right). I had to re-read it two or three times before I believed that I had not just misread it.

The greengrocer’s apostrophe is one thing. But there is something seriously wrong when major, national government agencies, who presumably employ qualified professionals for the purpose of checking everything that they publish, are unable to get their basic grammar right.

[There’s in this case is a contraction of There has i.e. There has never been more ways to get rid of cigarettes. The correct sentence is, of course, “There have (or “there’ve” if you must contract) never been more ways to get rid of cigarettes.”]

Gah. Bring me my hammer.