There may be a woman out there somewhere who has not yet noticed that St Valentine’s Day, bless it’s sparkly pink little hearts and flowers and chocolate, is about to unleash itself upon us.

I am one of the lucky few for, having been huddled under blankets for the last 10 days or so, I have missed the exciting buildup. Tomorrow I must venture out and be accosted by Pink Crap.

To help me survive the ordeal, which will last for the whole of the coming week, I have a cunning plan, a little anti-celebration for Touchingly Naive.

Join me! Go on, it’ll be fun: a day to protest against this high festival in honour of the Patriarchal God of Romance, to protest His key claim that a box of chocolates and a crappy card with a teddy bear on it, one day a year, mean we should act grateful and STFU the other 364 days.

Also: since I was still pretty much in bed and suffering with brain-fog on the actual anniversary of this blog – 8 Feb – I will be making 14 February a day to say Happy Birthday Touchingly Naive…. Tributes to the greatness of this blog will be graciously accepted. Also, chocolate.

(Postdated to appear at the top of my blog until V-Day.)