I am anti-porn. This is my space, and my space is anti-porn too.

This includes lactation porn.

For the sake of anyone who might, oh, say, wilfully try to misinterpret me – I do not mean that I am against sex or lactation sex, and I certainly do not mean that there is something icky about finding breastfeeding sexy and/or wanting to incorporate breastfeeding into your sex life. That is not the same thing as lactation porn at all. It is the PORN element that I oppose, not the lactation. The lactation part, yes I’m all in favour of that.

Lactation PORN may seem more endearing than the regular kind. However, just like all porn, lactation porn is inherently exploitative, objectifying and harmful. And I just don’t want to hear that those groovy mamas actually like getting their boobs out and squirting the camera with milk. Even if that is true in some cases, it would not really be a defence, would it? Because it doesn’t guarantee that exploitation doesn’t happen, or that any given instance is 100% exploitation free – it only proves that it is possible to find a few women who do not think they have been exploited. You can find such women in any sex trade.

I mention all this lest the person with whom I have been having a rather odd conversation over the last couple of days on my Sensual Art of Breastfeeding post, who eventually suggested that I might call him or her Sandra, happens to run, or to have found me via, a blog to which I will not link but which is called “Lactophilia”.

In addition to a host of lactation / mega-breasted porn links, this blog publishes endless photographs of glistening, spurting lactating breasts in sexual contexts, accompanied by the sort of commentary you might expect. For example (and keeping the original interesting spelling and grammar, for authenticity):

“A while agoe we reviewed the Juggmaster page webmaster’s wife’s lactating video “The White Tape” – huge, natural breasts, but unfortunately only a small amout of milk. Now a dream came true when she after her third pregnancy recently returned with some clips that will grant a place in the all time top ten of adult lactation entertainment stars: I have never seen the milk flowing that vigorously, shooting that vast fountains before! Seems that her last pregnancy finally changed her former dribblers into some real udders. We’ll have to wait for a full video to see if this milkjuggs can be emptied, but watching the previews I rather doubt it. Definatively worth the try!””Even though this is not a pregnant board there are now already a lot entries on Nadine and her pregnancy. Of course this is in anticipation of her upcoming lactation videos. But besides this I really think that pregnancy can make women more pretty. Try to judge yourself by looking at these photos [of two semi-naked pregnant women in sexualised, pseudo-lesbian poses, enormous breasts on display]. Just some days ago we were speculating on how a scene of Nadine and Nikita, both the pregnant beauties, would look, as it happend. In the members section of Nadines club you can find more pictures and in a better resolution.”

The blog also includes an entry, linking to my Sensual Art post, which is written in a similar style, and echoes most strongly the comments, especially the first one, made just the other day on my blog. It is a little weird that it has taken three months for the commenter to come through and start giving me the benefit of her or his wisdom… But, according to my spies, that does indeed seem to be what is happening.

I should have twigged at this part – Sandra refers to the problem that “many women decide not to breastfeed or at least doing it for a very short time only, many of them keeping their partners out from this. Why?” (my emphasis) Initially, I didn’t really think twice about that slightly clumsy reference to the importance of partners (putting it down to “query, male perspective?”) and I generally assumed that Sandra was concerned about, you know, the health of the baby and its mother or something. My mistake. She or he is concerned that the Lactator’s owner isn’t getting his fair share.

If my new friend Sandra is not from Lactophilia, then I have some hat to eat.

Meanwhile, I kind of feel a bit dirty.