There is something I’ve been wanting to say for a while now.

It came to me, after I discovered Barb Kobe’s healing dolls and decided to make one of my own (see these one, two posts), that I have made one already.

In celebration of Vulva Liberation Week I made this vulva purse. That creative process, as well as all the other stuff I did for VLW (see here – as if you could have missed it!) was healing for me. It helped me a lot. The purse was a vulva-specific healing doll.

And, while I was thinking about this, I realised something else.

In one post during the week, I described how much and why I disliked a certain word. And that was cathartic. It cleansed me. It cleansed away some of the hurt. That was a healing process too. And now, although I wrote only a few short months ago that I had no interest in reclaiming the word, I’ve changed my mind.

I want it back now.

Because me and my cunt, we’re OK.